How Safi Milk products are produced
Safi Milk products are manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment in accordance with strict international standards. For the manufacture of dairy products, only fresh and natural milk is used
We care about quality
Our core strengths
Our own lab tests raw materials and finished products daily
Our own laboratory
Why is it important? Dairy fat contains several absolutely indispensable ingredients that are impossible to get from other products
Without fat substitute
Manufacturer of Safi Milk is one of the largest in Libya
The largest producer
Safi Milk technology
Select the best local farms. The main criteria are cows' health care, grass feeding and clean milking
Safi Milk technology
The production process begins with milk reception for processing. In a specially equipped laboratory, raw materials undergo an express quality test, in particular, control for antibiotics. Only the milk that has been tested for compliance with all parameters gets into production
Raw material preparation
Safi Milk technology
The raw materials undergo pasteurization, deaeration to eliminate odors, bactofugation to purify milk from bacteria and spores. The required fat content of dairy products is achieved by normalizing fat content. Next, the mixture goes through the pasteurization stage to produce a safe product in microbiological terms
Safi Milk technology
The prepared raw materials are sent to their destination: for the production of milk, cream and milkshakes. The production process takes place on modern lines under aseptic conditions to ensure sterility and the safety of the ready product. Each product enters a separate packaging line only after strict quality control
Distribution and bottling
Safi Milk technology
Ready products are delivered to retail outlets to our beloved consumers in compliance with the cold chain
Shipment and storage
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