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Our company strives for mutually beneficial cooperation with partners and considers various forms of cooperation
We welcome cooperation
If you have quality raw materials or your own farms – let us know
Raw materials suppliers
We consider your suggestions and new technologies to enhance production and storage processes
We invite you to cooperate to expand logistics supply and increase point-of-sale coverage
Product quality is always stable, regardless of market price fluctuations
High quality
Trade marketing programs for different sales channels
Trade marketing
Our products have high turnover
Good revenue
Delivery to any region
Well-established logistic
A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
One step forward
Providing of promo materials
Marketing support
Cooperation benefits
Our business approach
We grow and change, introducing new flavors and rules to meet the audience's requests
Constant improvement
Safi appreciates balance and harmony in all. Obtaining the life pleasure is paramount, so we always offer sophisticated flavors, transforming any moment into a special
Safi is against of all fake and pretentious: we value only genuine emotions, people, quality and taste. We keep authenticity in whatever we do
Being true to self
Beauty and authenticity are central to the Safi brand, which values good taste and aesthetics as a whole. Real beauty is what brings real enjoyment and inspiration into our lives
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