Healthy innovation inspires us to make common products better using exclusively plant-based ingredients. This is the food of the future for those who take good care not only of their health but also of the eco-environment. Plant raw materials, purity of ingredients, vitamin benefits, environmentally friendly production, conscious consumption - this is the new view of life
With care for you, with care for planet
The most important part of our life and we uphold family values within our business
We continuously develop new products and improve formulations to satisfy our clients
*Sustainable Development Goals
It is a key focus of our business - providing our customers with quality and healthy products
Plant-based food production reduces our carbon footprint, which is good for the environment and our health
Our approach
Complete milk replacer Safi Vegan is a 100% plant-based alternative to traditional whole milk
Free from products of animal origin
Thanks to which our vegan milk retains its taste and beneficial properties for a long time
Modern production technologies
International certification of production and constant quality control of all stages of production
Quality control laboratory
Creating the basis
Safi Vegan technology
Whole grains or soybeans are crushed, mixed with water and enzymes. The resulting mixture is poured into food steel tanks and fermented for more than an hour at a temperature of 75-80 degrees (without boiling). As a result, all the benefits of plants pass into the liquid fraction - the basis for the future «milk»
Adding benefits and taste
Safi Vegan technology
Add the main flavoring ingredients: coconut cream or almond, ground to a nano-fraction, natural banana juice, spices
Making the drink stable
Safi Vegan technology
Before bottling, the «milk» is homogenized - with the help of high pressure, all the ingredients are broken down at the molecular level and collected again, due to which the plant milk does not separate. Gellan gum added: works like fiber and provides foam in the drink
Pouring for long term storage
Safi Vegan technology
At the final stage, the milk undergoes ultra-pasteurization and is poured into aseptic packaging. Made without preservatives. Shelf life 12 months. After opening the package, milk is stored in the refrigerator for at least 4 days
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